About Us


MGBG means Made Great by God, Made Great by God Foundation is a non-governmental organization founded by a passionate lover of children who is charged to reach out to teens and children in the society by sensitizing them on the importance of education, transforming their dreams and passion into action for their lives, coach them, give them a voice, a listening ear and giving solutions to the issues affecting them. Also remolding them to be excellent ambassadors of their lives, their family and to the society. As a non-profit organization, it’s poised with a passion to help every child to discover who they are, reforming into their minds by going to both private and public schools to give educational talks, mentorship platforms/ avenue as they find a model for their purpose, provide materials to enhance their reading still and living a purposeful life, and constantly reminding them that they can live a meaningful/purposeful life irrespective of their past failures, background. MGBG Teens and Children Foundation came into being in the ancient city of Ibadan, Oyo State, South-West Nigeria in the year 2016 under the leadership of Miss Kehinde Gbadamosi. In July 2016, MGBG Teens and Children Foundation had her first school project at St. Anne’s Secondary school and Peoples' Girls Grammar School with the theme: Overcoming Examination Failure The project was designed to eradicate mass failure in secondary schools especially in public schools and to help those oblivious of the rules to overcome examination failure and pass brilliantly. The outcome of the project was a good success because we received excellent feedback.

Mission Statement

To reach out to teens and children by listening, supporting, educating, empowering, transforming, restoring hope and remolding them to be excellent ambassadors of their lives, families and the society. Also, to work with government bodies, corporate bodies and other persons who believe in the future of our children.


This Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) is opened to both men and women who are passionate about molding champions and educating, advocating, enlightening and supporting them. Also, help in raising funds for the orphans, less privileged and other vulnerable children. An important criteria is that he/she must be a genuine child of God; this is because the vision/mission can only be accomplished when God is involved.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.